02 February 2015

The Village 'glows less' for the environment

​​​Anche il Village "s’illumina di meno" a favore dell’ambiente.

In line with the thinking and approach of the company CNH Industrial - aiming to reduce waste through concrete action - the Industrial Village is sensitive to issues concerning ecology, the environment and energy saving. Also this year, in fact adheres to the eleventh edition of "m'illumino di meno", the initiative promoted annually by Caterpillar, Radio 2, and millions of people, companies, institutions, organizations that voluntarily participate in order to emphasize the importance of respect environment with a minute of symbolic energy silence.

On 13 February 2015, during the day the Energy Saving, from 18 to 18.30, the Village turn off all the lights. The windows will not be lit in front of the spotlight, which usually shed light on CNH Industrial products displayed inside and outside the building, as well as the Historical Gallery, the museum part of the historic complex Fiat SPA.

In that moment the Village will respect a symbolic "energy silence" promoted in the name of sustainability.


Il 13 febbraio 2015, durante la giornata del Risparmio Energetico, dalle 18 alle 18.30, il Village spegnerà tutte le luci. Le vetrate antistanti  non saranno illuminate dai riflettori, che solitamente fanno luce sui prodotti CNH Industrial esposti all’interno ed all’esterno dello stabile, nonché sulla Galleria Storica, la parte museale dello storico complesso Fiat SPA.

In quel lasso di tempo il Village rispetterà un simbolico “silenzio energetico” promosso in nome della sostenibilità.