19 June 2015

At the Industrial Village, face to face with the NH Ag’s Sustainable Farm Pavilion at World Expo Milano 2015 Expo!

​New Holland Agriculture - in order to communicate to the public the contents of the charitable project Together we feed the world, together we participate at Expo2015, which repeats the slogan of the advertising campaign - has provided in the premises of the Industrial Village a multimedia device, which enable also colleagues and customers, who can not go to the pavilion, to live the Expo experience. Participation is provided by a touch screen through which are proposed some of the activities  that are currently exhibited at the pavillon and are also communicated the contents of the Expo thanks to an interactive map specially designed for the diffusion of multimedia contents.
Thereafter, in a second phase, the touch screen will remain at disposal of the location for leveraging technology and using multimedia to convey contents and information more closely related to the local reality.