22 April 2015

History & Glory - Second Edition - Press Release

​Torino, Strada Settimo 223 – Sunday, April 19th the CNH Industrial Village hosted History & Glory, the largest and most important nationwide event of historic industrial vehicles (open to the public), now in its second edition. The kermesse, long awaited by collectors and enthusiasts – more than 6000 people from all over Italy – was organized under the aegis of the ASI association (Automotoclub Storico Italiano) by CNH Industrial with the support of HRX Event and the collaboration of the three most important associations of vintage commercial vehicles, the CICS (Circolo Italiano Camion Storici), the AITE (Associazione Trasporti Italiani d’Epoca) and the ATTS (Associazione Torinese Tram Storci). The day began with the notes of the Italian National Anthem – that aroused the emotion of the public, enhanced also by authoritative presence of the Italian Army.

Also this year to do the honors and to introduce the event - characterized by fun and passion – was Mr. Pierluigi Stella, the responsable of the Village. To represent the associations intervened Mr. Roberto Sarzani, President of the ASI, which in his short speech underlined the importance of holding the event in the facility of the Industrial Village, as an ideal location in which to renforce the connection between classic and modern motoring; Mr. Alberto Balduzzi, councilor and representative of the AITE; Alberto Ceresini, councilor and representative of the CICS; Agostino Alberghino of the HRX Event; Cristiano Politi and Carlo Marazzato, two of the most important Italian collectors of historic industrial vehicles.

To create an atmosphere suspended in time, an exhibition park of more than 100 vehicles which have written the history of the industrial and military vehicles in the last one hundred years - vintage buses, trucks and tractors – The oldest one, the legendary Fiat 15 TER dated 1911 in military version – and three wonderful exemplars of Lancia 3Ro, models produced from 1938 to 1949, which at that time boast an innovative mechanics, with a high-performance five-cylinder engine.

Significant on-road vehicles on display: a rare piece, that appeared on the scene of the famous movie Riso Amaro with the Italian actress Silvana Mangano – the Fiat 666 of the 1947 the tarp-covered truck Fiat C50N of the 1959, the forerunner of today's mid-range – Praise-worthy vehicle the Bianchi truck, with the tubolar frame and equipped with a winepress, once belonged to the company F.lli Gambino of Chieri (that in 1903 already had a presence of over 100 employees) – Among the multitude of vehicles on display, there were also some urban buses branded Fiat and OM (Officine Meccaniche) dating back to the 50s and 60s near the tourist bus Fiat 682/125  - in 1955 the first shuttle bus from Foggia to Rome for the transport of pilgrims to Padre Pio's home town (on board was found and is still kept the daily newspaper Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, forgotten by a passenger in the fifties).

In evidence, lined up in front of the main entrance of the Village, property of the Associazione Nazionale Carabinieri – gruppo automezzi storici dell’Arma –  should be mentioned the following: Matta Alfaromeo of the 1951 – the first vehicle on duty at the Battalion Nucleo mobile radios of the Carabinieri Corps – and the CL52 OM of the 1952  - that belonged to the Battalion Riot Control in charge of public services (the forerunner of the IVECO WM 90, also on display). During the day, in the showroom of the Village, was held a conference cycle entitled “History and Future of the Tecnology in the industrial sector” attended by the ASI association and “History and Glory of peace-keeping missions of the Italian Army” related by Colonel  Impellezzi and by photographer Alberto Alpozzi  who in this occasion has exhibited some of his photographic masterpieces pertaining to the topic dealt.

The event left space also to the entertainment activities of ActionAid and to the folklore with the parade in historical costume of the Associassion Piemontèisa. At the end of the event, in the evening, there was the Award “History & Glory” Ceremony.  The event was such a success – 2000 people more than the last edition- that the organizers have decided for next year to extend the invitation even to European collectors.

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