22 March 2016

Biometano Day

​​Biometano Day took place at the CNH Industrial Village, on 10 March. The initiative was organized by CNH Industrial in collaboration with FCA and the two main multiutilities at national level in the local public services chain and also in the energy and environmental sector: EGEA and ACEA Pinerolese. The event was attended by a selected group of approximately forty journalists of the main national and sector newspapers. Also present were officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Transport. The day was divided into two parts: the press conference, held in “Sala Workshop” meeting room, and a guided visit of the biomethane plant, realised by Egea new energy in the town of Ozegna. This initiative was aimed to raise awareness about the use of biomethane, as fuel for methane-powered commercial vehicles, would increase significantly environmental benefit. For the occasion, in the Industrial Village showroom, the Iveco and Iveco Bus companies have showed industrial commercial vehicles and buses CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) or LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), i.e. equipped with engines operating with natural gas, in line with the emissions legislation imposed by the European Community. Certain engines – produced by FPT Industrial company - are also 100% compatible with bio-methane, a renewable fuel produced by bio-digestion of biomasses, agricultural and organic waste. The company NH Agricultural has also showed the T6 Methane Power tractor.