19 June 2015

The annual Assembly of Federmanager Turin

​The annual Assembly of Federmanager Turin, the organisation representing more than 6,000 of affiliates such as executives, managers and senior management of the industrial area, was held on June 10th at the CNH Industrial Village. The assembly was opened by the provincial president Massimo Rusconi and by the newly elected national president Stefano Cuzzilla, the Techno Sky manager of the Enav group, in his first official outing in Piedmont. Among the points of the three-year programme, was also discussed the project of renewal of Federmanager, that this year celebrates its 70th birthday. The assembly ended with the lectio magistralis of the economist Stefano Zamagni, which was entitled “Economy, market, person: looking for happiness” about the role of managers to lead both company and employees and also to focus more on the territory that hosts the company. Afterwards there was the usual corporate dinner in the splendid setting of the CNH Industrial Village showroom, with the exhibition of the exceptional acrobats Lara Quaglia and Chiara Vitale, on the notes of the young pianist Davide Locatelli. An adventure in taste and olfaction was proposed to Shareholders’ accompanying persons, organized by Stefania Rosso, the proprietor of the mark Acqua di Cherasco, in the Sala Panoramica meeting room of the CNH Industrial Village.