28 February 2012

The SoundTrucks: for the children at Regina Margherita

Thursday 1 March charity concert at Fiat Industrial Village
An exclusive concert will be held on Thursday 1 March at the Fiat Industrial Village in Turin (Strada di Settimo 223), dedicated to music and solidarity: “Rock’n’roll is alive!”.

From 9 p.m. “The SoundTrucks” will take to the stage, a band formed in November of 2011 consisting entirely of Iveco employees, with a repertoire ranging from rock to blues, from gospel to soul, as well as Italian classics.

The set is sure to have you dancing and singing all evening, after the concert as well with the aid of a DJ set, lit by the headlights of Iveco’s mean machines.

The concert is open to everyone, with free entry and a bar service provided.

During the event you will be able to make your contribution for the children at Regina Margherita Hospital, through a small donation to support the projects of the non-profit Fondazione Onlus Forma: you will receive a complimentary SoundTrucks DVD.

See you on Thursday at the Fiat Industrial Village!