25 October 2016

Record numbers at the CNH Industrial Village for the fourth edition of the “Village in Festa” event!

2,000 guests and visitors on Saturday 22nd and 6,000 on Sunday, October 23rd 2016, for an event which has now become one of the most beautiful reality in Turin within the manifestations, open to the public and sponsored by the Municipality of Turin, dedicated to CNH Industrial employees and to all citizens.

Saturday 22, in the setting of the event, 70 clients and potential clients have tested the Iveco New Daily E6 and the new Stralis XP on track and on the road, after attending a meeting about characteristics and services of these vehicles. Moreover, 30 persons have attended the meeting organized by the Iveco authorized workshops. Always on track: 80 drifting experiences and the “Torino Motor Show” sports event. Last but not least: 500 guests have participated in the mental coaching held by Walter Rolfo “The art of realizing what is impossible”.

Sunday 23, in addition to 6,000 visitors, the Industrial Village has hosted 35 pilots, 50 auto-tuning and 50 cars from many different automobile Clubs. Great success for the event in the event: the second Handcraft Festival – 25 CNA associate members, artisans of the fashion and furnishing sector, have disclosed thier products. Test drive replication on track with the Daily Euro 6 and the Stralis XP: 45 people have driven the vehicles, of which 25 FITA associate members.

The event was concluded with the «Magic Gran Galà» conducted by Walter Rolfo with the participation of Didi Marzilli of Zelig, the Matyushenko of Italia’s got talent and many other guests.

1,500 viewers among the public at charity show, free and open to the public, which has allowed a fundraising of 1,825 euro, plus other 1,000 collected throughout the day. All the amount will be donated to the Forma Foundation (Children's Hospital Regina Margherita) for the purchase of an equipment used for transesophageal paediatric electrostimulation.

The “Village in Festa” event remained the real and a wonderful example of how an initiative, which includes multiple realities, can be transformed into a fun-filled day promoting aggregation and solidarity!