19 January 2015

Blue Sof Event

​A new year starts at the Village with an eventful planning and the inaugurating of 2015 by the "Blue Sof event". Blue Sof Consulting S.p.A. is a company born in 1997, which provides a wide range of professional services, organizational consulting and technology consulting. Blue Sof Consulting S.p.A. is a partner able to help its clients in the design, planning, implementation of programs for changements and their management, acting on the fundamental factors that distinguish them: industry, process, information technology, human capital organization. Through continuous investment in innovation and with the constant inclusion of high quality personnel, Blue Sof Consulting SpA has quickly become a leader in its market. In 2013 Blue Sof Consulting S.p.A. joined the group Aubay .

Aubay is a Consulting and System Integration Company, listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris, which has established itself in just ten years as a global market actor of Consulting and IT.