The Track

Inside Industrial Village there is a vast area reserved for test drives, safe driving courses and motor shows.

Part of the track, when used for test drives, is formed by a loop circuit with three-lane parabolic curves and a straight stretch for acceleration testing, protected on both sides by guardrails. At the sides of the main track, there are 8 test ramps at constant gradients from 8% to 60% for individual testing, with a gravel surface section for emergency vehicle braking and twist pavé sections in a series of steps for specific chassis strength tests, together with an extendable-width trough for water fording tests. When used for shows, the main homologated semi-permanent track has two separate access points and can extend to an overall length of 1.2 Km. With the use of concrete traffic barriers, different types of track can be created to make the circuit safer and more spectacular. In addition, safe driving and racing driving courses can be organised, together with eco-driving courses for industrial vehicles with or without trailers. There is also a large, flat area for carrying out different kinds of tests and the internal meeting rooms can be used for theory lessons.