Year 1937
G.V.M. 5,7 t
Length 5780 mm
Width 2070 mm
Wheelbase 3500 mm
Wheel drive 4x2 rear
Engine Petrol
Cylinders 4L
Displacement 4053 cm³
Power @ RPM 56 HP @ 2000
Gear box 4 speed + reverse
Max speed 52 km/h

The first modern light truck

​In 1906 in Torino, Borgo San Paolo, was founded the Società Piemontese Automobili Ansaldi-Ceirano (SPA company), that during the Second World War in addition to private cars also produced trucks and military vehicle and becoming the most important supplier of the Italian Royal Army. At the beginning of 1935 they started the production of the new vehicle SPA 38R: the first modern truck. In 1937 the SPA 38R was sent to East Africa and the following year to Lybia for testing off road. Its first employ in war happened in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), so for troop and material transport, so as a 65/17 cannon artillery tractor. During the World War II it was used in all operative areas and for all logistic duties: troop transport, antiaircraft, radio station, water purifier, ambulance, mobile workshop.