Year 1938
Engine Type Multifuel
Power @ RPM 1,5 HP @ 1500
Displacement 3970 cm³
Cylinders 4
Gear box 4 + RM
Fuel Diesel, Petrol, Gasoline, Alcohol and Gas deriving from biomasses


​The engine Fiat 40 patented Boghetto get its name from the farm tractor with tracks model 40, with four- speed transmission, which was produced by Officine Costruzioni Industriali of Modena in 1939. The Fiat 40 Boghetto engine is considered the precursor of the modern Multi-Fuel because it could be fed with different types of fuel such as oil, gasoline, alcohol, gasoline, natural gas and gas derived from biomass. It was equipped with vertical 4-cylinders 4-stroke and a power of 40 hp at 1500 rpm.