Anno 1927 - 1936
P.T.T. 6,3 - 7,7 t
Lunghezza 8300 - 9850 mm
Motore Gasolio Junker con pistoni contrapposti
Cilindri 3
Cilindrata 4771 cm³
Potenza @ Giri/Min 95 CV
Velocità massima 40 km/h


​Omicron was a bus produced by Lancia between 1927 and 1936, with the production of a total of 601 models. It was developed in different versions with short or long frame for urban use, plus a two floor version. Very luxurious for its time, it was also used for longer journeys. The frame of Omicron was available in three versions, the C (short version) and L (long version), both with two axles , and three-axles option. The Omicron C had a wheelbase of 8300 mm and the Omicron L had a longer wheelbase of 9850 mm or 9530. The model in exposition was used as a mobile workshop specialized in the substitution of tires for public transport buses in Rome. It remained in service until 1956.