Year 1931 - 1942
Peso 1950 Kg
Motore Petroleum
Cylinders 4
Displacement 3570 cm3
Power 28 HP
RPM 1400
Gear box 3 speed + reverse
Min/Max Speed 2,26/5,11 Km/h

The recovery continues!

On the 23rd of January 1928 the Turinese management chose to open a plant in Modena for agricultural tractors, and this news were first published by “La Gazetta dell’Emilia”. The Fiat-Torino company created together with Officine Meccani​che Reggiane at Modena a company for the creation of a new big industrial structure: the Officine Costruzioni Industriali (OCI) for the production of agricultural tractors. The model Fiat 700 B displayed here was produced in that plant until 1942.​