Year 1972 - 1980
G.V.M. 38 t
Wheelbase 4095 mm
Engine Diesel
Cylinders 6
Displacement 13798 cm³
Power 260 HP
Gear box 8 speed + reverse
Max speed 95 km/h

"The export truck"

​In 1972 Fiat put into production the “unified” range of two heavy vehicles: the model 619, in a 19 ton 4x2 version and the 697, a 26 ton 6x4 version, they both were equipped with the new “H” cabin. They were vehicles born for a hypothetic European Code of 19 tons for 2 axles and 26 tons for 3 axles; a code that never came into use and so they became “the export trucks”. They were European vehicles which were sold exclusively abroad, the only exception made was for the 6x4 , used in construction sites – as a concrete mixer, for example, not that much because of the total weight, but more for the twin traction. The Fiat 619, in South America, due to the shape of the cabin was named “pico de loro” (parrot beak). This model was available in two versions: the 619 T1 for the on-road truck and the 619 N1 for the chassis-cab. The vehicle shown here is a Fiat 619 T1 equipped with a type 221, 6-cylinder-in-line diesel engine, with 208 horsepower and a capacity of 12.883 cm3.